Crane Training Course – Non-Slewing (CN) 

Topics covered on course:


  • Calculate safe working loads of fibre, wire and chain slings in straight, reeved and multi-leg configurations
  • Inspect equipment & identify faulty items
  • Correctly care for & store lifting equipment
  • Inspect crane component parts including sheaves, ropes, drums, hooks and anchorage
  • Assess load mass
  • Conduct pre-operational checks
  • Produce a simple job plan
  • Set up, operation and shut down of crane
  • Demonstrate all signals (hand and whistle)
  • Requirements for multi crane lifting
  • Requirements for lifting personnel
  • Use of crane charts
  • This course is also available in a package with other courses – check the packages menu group under Courses.



For persons over the age of 18. Students must also be free of any physical or medical condition that may affect the safe operation of a non-slewing Crane, and speak the English language to a level that would ensure safe operation in an Australian workplace.



Prerequisite unit of competency: None

Prerequisite High Risk Work Licence: None

It is strongly recommended that persons operating any class of crane hold a high risk work licence for Dogging (DG).



Statement of Attainment for the nationally recognised unit of competency RIIHAN212A Conduct non-slewing crane operations

High Risk Work Licence class CN: Non-Slewing Mobile Crane Operation (>3 Tonne), issued by WorkCover NSW



Competency based


Group and package deals available on request



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